Attraction  (Ə-trăk’ shƏn)

 n.     The act or capability of attracting


Whether you're looking for a job or a new recruit, attracting the best catch requires skill, knowledge, and of course being in the right place at the right time.

We have been recruiting Construction people for over 33 years and whilst the methods have evolved we still offer the same consultative approach that has secured us strong relationships with hundreds of clients and thousands of candidates

We operate throughout the Eastern, Central, London and South East regions and our clients include regional and National main Contractors.

If you are a Person searching for a new career opportunity please take a few minutes to do a Job Search or sign up for our free Job Alert service. We will reward you if you Refer a Friend and be happy to discuss your job requirements if you wish to Contact us

If you are an Employer seeking staff we offer File Search or Executive Search  or you can Contact Us now to register a job.

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