CBA Interim - Flexible Management Solution

Did you know that the rain umbrella was invented by Englishman Jonas Hanway in the late 1700's ?

It was a solution to a temporary problem be it rain or sun and unlike our banks who give us an umbrella when it's sunny and then promptly take it away when it starts to rain, Mr Hanway's idea is still very much part of our normal life.

Our own solution to the UK climatic conditions is called CBA Interim

Interim Managers offer a flexible short term solution to a varying workload often brought about by staff moves, holiday cover or special projects.

Unlike a normal temp or contract worker, you employ the Interim Manager directly giving you control without the long term liabilities of a permanent employee and because we are not running a payroll our charges are much less than traditional "temp mark up fees"

We have a wide range of experienced construction people covering all disciplines including Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Site and Project Managers, Buyers etc.

Whether you need someone for a few days, weeks or months, CBA Interim provides a rapid and cost effective solution. 

Please call 01480 436236 and speak to Cameron or Bruce or email here and we'll respond accordingly

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