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60% saving on fees, straight onto your bottom line.


Let’s face it recruitment costs have spiralled in recent years. To hire just 1 person can cost in the region of £6-8k in agency fees. Even if you do it yourself, the cost of advertising, screening and administering CV’s can run into thousands

CBAssist is an out-sourced recruitment support service that offers a highly cost effective alternative to conventional methods and will save on average 60% of the cost of recruiting a new person.

What we do:-

  • Work closely with your hiring manager
  • Take the job brief – personal visit where appropriate
  • Confidential website advertising – branded advertising available
  • CV searches – CBA database with over 15,000 candidates + 3rd party databases
  • CV screening – ensuring candidates meet the job criteria
  • CV submission – including key facts, ie salary, reason for applying
  • Interview arrangements – including fully briefing the candidate
  • Job offer mediation – verbal negotiation before written offer

In short, we do what we have been doing for over 25 years

How can we offer the same service for 60% less?

Simple, we are focussing on being paid for what we do rather than having to charge higher speculative fees.

What’s the difference?

Instead of charging a recruitment fee when a person starts work – usually 15% of salary, we charge a nominal £500 Assignment Fee plus a refundable Placement Fee of 2.5% when a person starts and a Satisfaction Fee of 2.5% after they have completed their 3 month probation. Thats a total fee of just £2500 on a £40k placement with guarantees along the way !

How does it compare?

  • Normal agency fee, eg 15% of  £40k              -      £6000
  • Typical website advert, 1 job for 28 days         -      £249 - £600
  • CV database access, 1 month                          -      £500 - £1000
  • Magazine advert, eg. ¼ page in Building           -      £1898
  • Newspaper advert                                           -      £250 - £2000

Factor into the above figures your own staff costs and you will see that CBAssist offers exceptional value. If you hire just 5 people in a year you could save a massive £17500 on recruitment fees!! That’s the same as a 1.75% margin on a £1 million contract.

What’s the catch?

No catch, we will aim to provide quality CV’s that closely match the vacancy criteria and then support you through the hiring process. You can make multiple hires from the same assignment for just one Assignment Fee, the Placement Fee has a 10 week rebate period and the Satisfaction Fee is only due when the person is kept on after 3 months   The only risk is that you might not find anyone suitable – but then there is no guarantee with an advert either!

What do you do next?

Contact us to discuss your current vacancy requirements, leave the legwork to us, and start adding to your bottom line.

Call 01480 436236 or email

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