TIME special offer

TIME - a most precious commodity

 As someone working in construction you will be all too aware of how easy it is to lose time on a project, how difficult it is to win it back and how expensive the repercussions can be if you don't.

For us being a "Fee on Results" recruiter time is money and that's why we have introduced a new service called TIME which means Time Invested More Efficiently.

The principle of TIME is all about not wasting one anothers time.

TIME doesn't cost anything to join, in fact as a TIME client you will qualify for a 25% discount on fees until the end of August 2009 and for every person you recruit we'll extend the offer by a month.

This means a saving of over £2000 on a £50k salary for a File Search and £3000 saving on our Head Hunt service.   In addition you will also waste less time because we promise the following:-     

  • not to inundate you with speculative CV's
  • to only send CV's of candidates who suit your requirements
  • not to harrass you with sales calls
  • only charge a fee when a person joins you

All we ask of you is to only notify us of postions you intend to fill and give feedback on CV's and interviews within 7 days.

Start saving time and money and become a TIME client by calling us now on 01480 436236.

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